Ok, so I will be the first to admit I hate doing my makeup. I honestly can’t stand girls that take more than 3 minutes to do their “everyday” look. Its simple, one color shadow, liner, mascara and tinted moisturizer. Who has time everyday to prime, contour, coverup and blend? If you do, I can suggest some other activities for you. I believe a woman’s daily look should be natural and fresh. It’s so funny to me how some people I know are almost unrecognizable without makeup. Why wear so much?

Now when you have a fun night out, that is a different story. I like to do special event makeup INSERT my Urban Decay NAKED palettes!


These palettes make creating a pretty eye really easy. I own NAKED, NAKED 2 and NAKED smoky! Only missing NAKED 3. I love that I can try out multiple shades and they come with great application brushes, Another reason these little ladies are fabulous, is with all of my traveling, I can easily pack them up. I order them off Sephora.com. This way I can get my 3 samples! WIN!

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