Blue Apron -Friday Favorite

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I love Thursdays! Want to know why?

It’s when my Blue Apron box is delivered with exciting new meals for me to try.

This is a review of why I suggest Blue Apron and how its working for my husband and I.

I was introduced by my friend, who had sent me a free week! $60 worth of food for free…DUH! So I signed up and BOOM, Thursday morning came and my ingredients for 3 amazing meals were at my door step. We had Pork BBQ burgers, a spicy pasta and chicken with korean rice cakes.img_9125All ingredients are packed in a cooler bag with ice packs so no need to worry if you aren’t home. 

Each meal took around 40 mins to prep and cook, with 2 people it can go faster. Every ingredient is included(except olive oil and salt/pepper) and perfectly portioned. The step by step instructions are simple to follow and no need for crazy cooking utensils. Cooking these meals were so fun for my husband and I to make. It’s a fun, cheap date night.

I will start with the cons of Blue Apron;

  • A majority of the pasta dishes have HUGE portions, so I can usually get 2 meals out of my half of the portion. I also add chicken to mine for protein.
  • They do not have options for gluten or dairy free. But it’s not hard to figure out which meals are and are not.
  • The calorie count can be high for some people (range from 500-750 calories per serving), but as I said before I can sometimes get 3-4 servings per recipe.img_9130Summer Vegetable & Queso Tostadas


Here are my pros (notice how every negative was followed by a positive?)

  • All of the recipes are included so you can remake the ones you love. For example, I loved our spicy pasta dish, but I like to watch my carb intake, I am going to use spaghetti squash for my next try!
  • My pantry is not full of random oils, spices, flours etc. Blue Apron uses many ingredients I usually can’t find in the grocery store or end up spending $15 on random things I don’t have use for. Now I get to make these “fancy” meals.
  • I hate meal planning and grocery shopping, I can handle doing it on Sundays and maybe in the middle of the week but by the end of the week, both of us are exhausted from work. We need simple and fast.
  • Some of you may think that $20 per meal is high, but Blue Apron is putting money into my pocket. Due to our busy schedules, we usually go out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.Average price for Chipotle for 2: $28, Panera for 2 $23 and then our favorite Rojo for 2: $60.
  • My waist line is happier. Even though the calorie count is “high”, it’s nothing compared to what my stomach would endure going out to eat.
  • Date night at home. Cooking together is so much fun. We have a chance to talk about our week, discuss some of the interesting ingredients and laugh.
  • Blue Apron also offers wine pairings with your wine. I personally have not ordered this, but we have paired a few dishes with the wine we have a home. Its so fun!!!!
  • MAJOR PERK! If you are on MyFitnessPal they have the macros already loaded!

Blue Apron is pretty simple to navigate. Go on to the website, sign up and check out the menus. You can pick your meals with their custom combinations. If you don’t like what they are offering, just skip that delivery. Going out of town? Skip that week! They put up their menus about a month in advance and we look forward to picking out our meals together.

Want to try a week free? Comment with your email below and when I earn them, I will pass this amazing experience to YOU!!!!

img_9143Recipes and easy to follow step by step instructions.

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