This summer I embarked on a great journey. I decided to sign up and complete Core Power Yoga’s Power Teacher Training. I had many reasons do complete this achievement but the number one reason was me. I knew I wanted to grow my knowledge and passion for my own personal growth in my yoga practice. Not only did I succeed in personal growth but I met some pretty amazing people. All of the students were from various backgrounds; college students, moms, careers, retirement you name it, we were all there. Class was 3 nights a week for 8 weeks along with hours of yoga classes on your own and journaling. I learned so much about myself through this so called experiment.


About Me:

Training: CorePower Yoga Minnetonka MN

Favorite Yoga Pose: Rag Doll for my low back and Plow for my neck.

Favorite Class: I do love a good flow but Yin really stretches my facia and allows me to relax.

yoga 2.jpg


Now what to do with my yoga training. My main passion is hair, but my side hustle passion is yoga. I know attending your first yoga class can be intimidating so that is why I have decided to keep my teachings private and donation based. I love to give back to the community. Feel free to email me at so we can begin your own personal yoga journey.




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